1. When you hear “we are going to the village for Christmas.”

I wanted to go to the abroad.

2. When your parents say you’ll only be going for a few days, but you see them packing load.

Wait! What is happening?

3. When you think you’ve already met everyone and you hear “come out and greet…”

Hay God!

4. When the uncle you were expecting to drop something starts asking your dad for money.

Wow. I’m pained.

5. Looking for network in the village like:

What is all this?

6. When that relative everyone thinks is a witch gives you food to eat.

Not today, satan.

7. When an old person you don’t know tries to touch you.

You will not steal my destiny, abeg.

8. When you see your favorite cousin.


9. “Ah! Look at you. You’re so big now.”

Let me hear word.

10. When you complain about light and they tell you to go and enjoy breeze outside.

Na wa.

11. When your parents see you collecting anything form anybody.

Sorry ma.

12. You, every time you hear “food is ready.”

The best.

13. You, if you’re the one that has to be stuck in the kitchen.

The worst.

14. When that rich relative finally arrives.

Here we go.

15. You, after all the buckets of water you had to fetch.

The gym struggle.


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