1. You, whenever you wake up on a school day.

I can’t stand up. I just can’t.

2. When you’re not listening and your teacher tells you to stand up and tell the class the last thing they said.

Uhm! Sir, the thing is…

3. When your teacher tells you to go and solve the question on the board.

Please epp.

4. When the teacher shouts “you there, stand up” and you already know it’s you they are talking to.

Hay God! Why me?

5. When you never do your homework at home and spend 10 minutes before submission like:


6. When the class is meant to end by 12:00 and by 12:01 the teacher has still not left the class.

Do and be going, abeg.

7. When this happens:

You know nothing.

8. You, whenever you’re in class.

Can this torture end?

9. When you wake up on the day of a test you didn’t bother to study for.

Well, I cannot come and go and kill myself.

10. When the test starts and the whole class is writing but you’re just there like:

What is happening here?

11. When your classmates want to discuss the answers they got after the test.

Please, lets not go back to our vomit.

12. When your friends ask you how your test was.

Can we just free this thing?

13. When your mates are calculating what they need to get an A and you’re just there dangling between a D and an F like:

Holding on for dear life.

14. You and sleeping in class.

Nobody should touch me, biko

15. You, whenever you wake up on a weekend.



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