1. You will always have space for your legs in buses.

So you don’t have to rush for the front seat.

2. You can secretly shop for clothes in the children’s section of stores.

And people will never know!

3. You will never be too tall for a bed.

Also your legs will never stick out from under your blanket.

4. You can fit in small spaces if you ever need to hide.

You never know when a serial killer will come after you.

5. You never have to worry about hitting your head on stuff.

So all you have to do now is sit back and wait for it to happen to the tall people. Lol

6. People will think you’re younger than you actually are.

Sometimes they’ll just wonder if you’re an old looking child or a really short adult.

7. Children will love you.

Because they’ll think you’re one of them. LOL!

8. People will instinctively want to protect and look out for you.

If you’re a terrible person, don’t expect this to apply to you.

9. You will always get to be in the front of every group picture.

This is a good thing. Now, everybody will properly see your slay!

10. You can use your tall friends to shield yourself from the sun.

They make fun of you all the time. The least they can do is protect you from the sun.

11. You get to sit on a bench and swing your legs.

Remember when you were a kid and you would do this? This is a chance for you to relive your childhood.

12. You get the chance to say this.

Even if most times it’s not true.

13. You will ALWAYS be seen as adorable.

Cute and cuddly. Just like Timmy from Passions.

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