1. You are very glad that your baby has finally arrived.

My joy is too full.

2. After giving you serious wahala for 9 months, you can finally rest.

Or so you thought.

3. You, when you have to feed the baby for the 50th time in a day.

Is this how I die?

4. When your mother-in-law now says you must start sitting on hot water-bucket every morning.

You people did not tell me this one before now!

5. When your baby finally sleeps and you can get some rest…

Because you’ve not slept in days.

6. Only for you to hear one yama yama cry again.

Which kind of baby is this one?

7. How your husband disappears when the baby starts wahala.

There is God o!

8. The amount of water you have to drink everyday.

Because you and thirst are now best friends.

9. And your appetite has you like this every time:

It is not kuku your fault.

10. You, when your mother-in-law starts talking about another child.

Not understanding.

11. This was you, the first time you had to suck your baby’s snotty nose.

Or clean poo poo. What a disgust!

12. When people start giving you different baby care advise from left and right

Awon Advisors-General of the Federation.

13. You, when someone mishandles your baby.

“Eskis sir, are they doing you from the village?”


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