1. When he sees an old friend.

2. When you ask him for a birthday gift.


3. When you say you don’t want to go to church.

4. When he sends you on an errand.

5. When you tell him you don’t want to go to the village for Christmas.

Allow me na.

6. When visitors from the east come and he suddenly starts speaking only igbo.

From where?

7. When it’s time for 10 O’Clock News.

On. The. Dot.

8. When he speaks Igbo to you and you reply in English.

Sorry sir.

9. When he starts arguing politics with his friends.


10. When he wears a polo shirt.

We know where all the money is going.

11. How he watches football with his friends:

Don’t distract them.

12. When he is talking about your mum and he says “my wife” with so much pride.

Daddy Daddy!!!

13. When you tell him you want to study anything outside Engineering, Law, or Medicine.

I was just joking sir.


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