1. When you try to explain why you forgot to bring out the chicken from the freezer.

2. When she is laughing with her friends and you come and add mouth.

3. When you ask her where to put the groceries.

4. When she sends you to go and bring her bag from her room.

5. When you ask her if you can go out and visit your friends.

6. When you eat from your party pack before she inspects it.

7. When you bring home a girl that can’t pound yam.

8. When she wants to send you on an errand but it’s raining.

9. When she asks “how many times did I call your name” and you try to answer.

10. When she sees you wearing anything that is not a suit or trad.

11. When they offer you food outside and you accept it.

12. When she makes a seller go from N3000 to N300.



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