1. Saturdays that come with Owambes

Like 4 or 5 weddings is very alright.

2. A gallon of palm oil in their soup.

Just because they can.

3. Shouting at everything and shouting at nothing

Because the whole neighbourhood must know they’re around.

4. Gosip, gossip and more gossip.

They come alive when it’s gossip-time.

5. Pricing things and generally disturbing traders

Yoruba mothers will price from N1000 to N100. Kuku carry it for free.

6. Disturbing all the single ladies

Immediately after NYSC, just submit your potential husband list.

7. Using body language

If you understand, you understand.

8. Exaggerating everything possible

Yoruba mothers will add spice, pepper and oil to the original gist.

9. When you kneel down to greet your Yoruba mom’s friends, she’s like:

Because you have proven she taught you home training.

10. Yoruba mothers and Whatsapp broadcast messages

Somebody, please seize their phones.

11. When Yoruba mothers realize Whatsapp is not free

12. When you now bring a spouse that is actually Yoruba

Wedding o’clock!


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