1. When one fine boy is talking to you and you’re like

Eskis sir, do you really mean me?

2. You, when someone is trying to form small talk with you

Just stop and leave me alone, abeg.

3. You, trying to up your flirt game

Shebi applying lipstick is sexy?

4. When a fine boy just says ‘you’re beautiful’ out of no where

No, why you lying?

5. You trying to smile in public so you look like you’re fun and interesting

I kuku use Close-Up before.

6. When your crush says something funny, you’re like

Laughing like hyena so he knows it’s real.

7. You, when your crush is actually talking to you

Do I reply or do I just keep looking like a mumu until he goes away?

8. Anytime you’re at a social event, you and your phone are like

You can’t make awkward eye contact if you’re not looking at anybody.

9. When you’re really trying to be funny with a group of guys and nobody laughs

Even your crush!

10. When someone cute tries to make eye contact with you

11. You, when you see your crush losing interest in you because you’re weird AF

See my life in the outside!

12. When you finally give up and just kuku stalk your crush on Facebook



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