1. This very awesome gif of Viola Davis leaving bullshit behind.

2. This picture that perfectly describes failing with confidence.

3. Jake blessed us with this totally cute picture of him writing and it was meme material for days!

4. The relationship between Nigerian men and lies is like:

5. This one that is the perfect Nigerian parent’s response to everything.

6. When your friend doesn’t take your advice and they come crying to you, you’re like:

7. Odunlade blessed us with the perfect ‘and so what’ expression this year.

8. When you tell your mom you want to do masters, but you’ve not husband home

9. The Nigerian economy in one gif

10. When you want to pay the conductor and you can’t find your wallet

11. When instagram vendors are selling shoes for N20,000 but you saw it for N2,500 in the market

12. This is how you will win 2017 without effort!



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