1. When buying restaurant food always gives you a big headache.

Why so tasteless and expensive?

2. You now discover one buka beside your office.

The answer to  prayers.

3. How people queue at the buka everyday.

You people should go somewhere else o!

4. You, when you realize the buka food is very cheap.


5. When you start purging when you eat buka food for the first time.

Which kind of wahala is this?

6. But that doesn’t stop you from going back to eat more.

You will manage it like that.

7. When your colleagues are going to have lunch at one expensive restaurant.

I am not one of you anymore.

8. When you’re very hungry and the buka doesn’t open.

Iya Basira wants to kill me today.

9. When your colleagues discover you’ve started eating street food.

Look at these ones.

10. When they ask why you like eating buka food.

Because it’s the sweetest sensation.

11. When they now finally have a taste of it, they’re like:

This is too sweet!


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