1. When NEPA brings light and your neighbors don’t put off the generator.

Can’t trust NEPA to have sense!

2. When your tailor says he has sewn your cloth, but you still go to his shop to see with your own eyes.

Because Nigerian tailors and disappointment are siblings!

3. When people stand with the fuel attendant so they can see how the petrol is entering the car.

Before they give you 1k fuel and collect 10k!

4. When you tell a kid to go and wear his shoe, and he says he’ll follow you barefoot.

Ahn ahn! this kid can’t even trust at this small age!

5. When your mum doesn’t let the mallam cut the chicken in the market so they won’t take their own share.

She will now leave you to do the wahala at home.

6. When people collect money at the ATM, and start counting it!


7. When you want to make a deposit, and the bank cashier counts it like 100 times!

Oga, do I look like a 419 person to you?

8. When people now add stew to their jollof.

Why can’t you trust the power of jollof?

9. When your boyfriend calls and you tell him you’re with your friend.

Who broke this one’s heart like this?

10. When you’re buying buka food and you chook your eyes to count the spoons of rice they’re putting.

Every grain must be complete!


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