1. She writes really good books…

2. Some of which have been made into movies, as per, Half Of A Yellow Sun and the upcoming, The Thing Around Your Neck.

3. She gave this TedTalk about how everyone should basically treat women like human beings, so annoying!

4. Mummy Beyonce decided to tap into this anointing and kuku sampled this speech in her song, Flawless, which earned the annoying Chimamanda a Grammy nomination.

5. On top of that, this speech was made into a book and distributed to 16 year old students in Sweden. How ridiculous!

6. In 2016, she wrote a feminist article so annoying, major publications all over the world applauded her and also shared the piece for days.

7. Because her wahala is too much, the people at John Hopkins university basically awarded her a honorary degree, she gave a dope speech, as per usual.

8. Aunty Chi Chi kuku made it to the fashion world, when that her feminist speech inspired high end luxury brand, Christian Dior’s 2017 Spring collection

9. And after the US elections, BBC invited her to this interview, but haters will still say she’s annoying.

10. If you still don’t get at this point, that this woman is all the shades you can think of, your bad belle is really showing.



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