1. When your parents package your gift as Christmas + birthday present.

Well, isn’t this convenient for you?!

2. When someone wraps your birthday gift in Christmas wrapping paper.

Even you?!

3. When you spend your entire day surrounded by Christmas decorations.

I’m done with you people.

4. When all your friends are not around when you’re trying to plan your birthday.

Must you go for Christmas holiday?

5. Or when you finally have a party, it turns into a Christmas party without your permission.

I cannot have anything nice.

6. When someone wishes you “Happy Birthday” and then asks “What are your plans for Christmas?” right after.

Keep your wishes.

7. If your birthday is plus or minus 2 days from Christmas, you might as well not exist.

It’s okay. It’s fine.

8. And you might as well forget gifts, because all your friends will complain that they’re too broke to buy you a present.


9. Everyone is always too busy with end-of-year stuff to celebrate your birth, even the people that gave you life.

Are you really my parents?

10. But you can’t even be mad. You’re sharing your birthday season with a much more relevant baby – He saved the world.


11. And when Christmas is over, You have to wait forever for your next birthday.

Whatever…not like it will be good anyway.


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