As we all know, Nigeria’s travelling president, Daddy Bubu, has been on vacation for over a month now- as per, he can’t come and kill himself over Nigeria’s wahala jare.

Apparently, Daddy PMB been calling all his boos and baes while you were doing amebo on Twitter.

In fact, he allegedly sent one of them an SMS when they missed his call, so cute.

I had an SMS from him thereafter because I missed my call! I humbly join them to say thank you, Baba Buhari!!

— Garba Shehu ?? (@GarShehu) February 25, 2017

And Nigerians are just here trolling the hell out of the situation:

1. When you do oversabi and miss your president’s phone call.

2. This hilarious tweet about PMB calling back.

Ah yes, he’s calling back.

— Timi Ajiboye (@timigod) February 26, 2017

3. If Daddy Bubu were a rapper, he’d be like:

4. This important prayer.

5. Everybody should better be a sharp guy, Daddy Buhari can just call anytime.

6. Seriously, e fit be you o!

7. Please, when will we get our own love letter o?

8. PMB, when he sees how much Nigerians are trolling him on Twitter.

9. Daddy Bubu, please call us o, we’re not doing shakara.



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