Teaching as a corps member can be fun. Holiday, mid-term breaks and all. But what about the annoying parts? How come nobody thinks of that? This post is for every corps member who has been frustrated by teaching in their NYSC year.

1. The struggle of waking up early.

Dear God, why am I waking up at 6 AM when I am no longer a student. I’m supposed to be flexing na.

2. The struggle of having to dress corporate to school.

Because you know that teaching job does not allow for premium slay. Especially if you are in a public school. Just dress in strict clothes and go to school so the students and school staff will take you serious. Polish your shoes, iron and starch your shirts, don’t wear too much make-up, don’t wear off-shoulder dresses.

3. Lesson note palaver.

So you mean that my years of note writing has not ended?

4. How the teachers all want to act like your mother.

“Corper Sarah, don’t take this wrongly oh, but how many boyfriends do you have? This one you are always receiving calls”; “Ahan. Corper Femi. Show us your girlfriend na. We know you have plenty. Fine boy like you.”

5. When you teach the students with all your strength but they still write rubbish for you in the exams.

Hold on one second. So you mean that all the time I spent teaching was in vain? You mean I just wasted my time?

6. The fear of punishing them.

Dear Corper, How To Cope as a Teacher - Corpr!

Because you never know who is a baby cultist and will come after you with cane and cutlass on your way home.

7. The struggle of having to mark their scripts.

The bad handwriting. The terrible stories. Jehovah Lord God of hosts.

8. And of collating results.

I studied Engineering dear God. Why am I teaching CRS? Why do I have to collate the results of 70 students?

9. You, when the school finally goes on holiday.

And your NYSC allowance comes in at the same time. Flex.

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