Thinking of how to make money during NYSC? Honestly, we can relate. We understand how the money struggles can be, especially now that things are quite tight and money finishes quickly. That’s why we collated this list of side hustles you can do to get extra coins in your NYSC year.

1. Freelancing.

Fiverr How to Post, Pricing, and FAQs

There are many reasons why this is very beneficial. To begin with, as a freelancer, you are not committed to any organisation or employer per se. You simply get work assigned to you and a deadline. Once you meet your deadline, you get paid and move on. A major place to begin is Fiverr or Upwork. You can also Google freelance websites to get started.

2. Starting a catering service.

Riqueza_cakes in LAGOS👨‍🍳 on Twitter: "Good morning darlings ...

Do you know how to bake? How to make dishes? Well, there are a lot of people who need your service and all you need to do is put yourself out there. Word of mouth is one way through which people know you; you can also upload pictures of your work and get people to refer you.

3. Sewing.


This is for those who have taken time to acquire the skill before coming for NYSC. Just take your sewing machine with you and you are one step ahead.

4, Buying and selling.

Lady makes N261,000 while selling food stuffs during her NYSC ...

There are lot of things you can buy and sell: clothes, underwear, footwear, hair, etc. All you need to do is look around and try to discover what you feel that people in that area are in need of. When you fin out, you then try to meet that need.

5. Writing / Editing.

The Black Women's Writing Society - Indianapolis Public Library

This can also be classified under freelancing. You can write for people, edit their works and a lot of other things. It fetches you money.

6. Graphic designing.

Learn Graphic Design Quickly: 20 Courses & Books | JUST™ Creative

This one also requires you to know something in the area. Nobody wants to give work to an amateur. Have a mastery of the work, at least to a certain level.

7. Hairdressing/Barbing.

Hair Salon Business Plan – Dayo Adetiloye Shop

This one is self-explanatory. It is how a lot of people make money during NYSC.

8. Private lesson.

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You can offer to teach students privately. You get paid per hour or per whatever way you choose to charge.

9. Part-time teacher.

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A lot of schools need a teacher to chip in and teach a subject for a particular period of time. You can work your timetable to suit this arrangement.

10. Agricultural business.

Poultry Farming Business Plan Nigeria PDF | Feasibility Study on ...

How to make money during NYSC? You can start a poultry business, for instance. This might be for people with background in Agriculture or something related.

11. Blogging.

List of the Top 10 Blogs in Nigeria | Africa Launch Pad

Blogging is also a way to make money. It might take a bit of time for this to happen, but consistency and dedication matters.

12. Small scale business.

How to start popcorn business in Nigeria and make N500,000 ...

Can you make popcorn? Can you sell snacks? How about a data retailing business? The options are limitless. You just need to open up your mind to the possibilities.

13. Handy work.

Introducing The Nigeria Association of Refrigerators and Air ...

If you can repair stuff like phones, electric appliances, faulty wiring, etc, then this is for you.

14. Bulk SMS.

How to Send Bulk SMS in Nigeria - Fast and Easiest Way

Bulk SMS is another way to make money during your NYSC year. This is not my area of expertise, but a lot of people are into this service, and it fetches extra coins to keep body and soul together.

15. Viewing centres.

Foreign League, Nigerian fans and quest for viewing centres | The ...

This one needs a bit of capital to buy generator, TV, set up a place and stuff. But if you are up to it, then you can always give it a try.

16. Dry cleaning.


This one is for people who enjoy doing laundry and can afford to take other people’s laundry off their hands. If you fix your prices well, there are high chances of a patronage and decent profits too.

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