Living with a baby is the ultimate mental health test because life can never be peaceful with them in your house. I’m talking about the babies that are about to become toddlers (10 months to 1 year), those ones are the worst. If you’ve ever lived with a baby (whether it’s yours or someone else’s), you’ll relate to these things. 

They wake up and immediately cause chaos 

They do this by crying the entire house down. How do you wake up and just start crying for no damn reason? 

They’re always trying to hurt themselves 

Look away for one second, and they’re on the verge of falling down the stairs and breaking their necks. They can’t see that their tiny legs can’t go down the stairs; all they see is a fun little adventure.

You’d be surprised what their poo smells like 

How can one tiny human being produce such a foul smell? Blood of Jesus. 

They sleep and wake up whenever they like 

What’s their business if it’s 2 a.m. and you’re tired? As long as they’re awake, you have to be awake. 

The house is never tidy 

Their toys are all over the place all the time. The day isn’t complete if you don’t mistakenly step on one of them and cry in pain.

Get ready for your things to be destroyed 

You’ll be searching for your phone, only to find out that they’ve put it in the toilet. 

They communicate by crying 

You always have to play the fun game of “Guess why I’m crying now.” 

They always do crackhead things 

Why do they think it’s okay to cover themselves in Vaseline, for God’s sake?

There’s wahala if they don’t get their way

Don’t give them what they want, and the floodgates of tears will come pouring down. Either that or they throw tantrums by throwing themselves on the floor. Who are you hurting, dear? Yourself. 

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