We know all those failed talking stages pained you, but it’s time to laugh about it. We rise by forgetting about people, or how does that quote go? 

The “smile through the pain” meme 

For every time your friends told you about their love life and had the audacity to ask about yours when they knew it didn’t exist. 

The “it’s giving delusional” meme

Nobody is saying you’re not sweet looking oh, but is it sweetness that’ll hold you at night? Anything to make you feel better after 100 failed talking stages, I guess. 

The “I love myself” meme

You know what? I get it. I, too, would become the love of my life if everyone else refused to love me. Choose you. We dey your back. 

The “settling for less” meme

The problem is you think you’re the “more” men deserve, and that’s why all your talking stages fail. Try wickedness and see what changes. 

The “you have mind oh” meme

This meme is for when the person you were in a talking stage with woke up one morning to text, “I don’t think this is working”. The nerve, the audacity, the mind. 

The “I give up” meme

This is when your friends pitied you and tried to hook you up with someone they knew. But you’re the one they bring all their relationship issues to, so you don’t think they have good taste. 

The “it’s brutal out here” meme

You actually thought the talking stage was going well and started considering asking them out, only for them to post, “Happy one month, baby”. But that’s not your picture or name, and you’ve only known them for two weeks. 

The “please, leave me alone” meme

When the one you ended up becoming good friends with comes weekly to be like, “Wow! We almost ended you together”, you choke back tears and fake laugh. 

The “at least, I wasn’t cheated on” meme

When you and all your other single friends sat together in perpetual sadness to say shit like, “At least, no one cheated on me”, but in reality, you wished you loved someone enough for it to hurt you if they cheated. 

The “how many more ghostings can I take?” meme

When you opened your message app for the tenth time that day, and your love interest still hadn’t texted back in a week. 

The “don’t test me” meme

At a point in the year, one talking stage seemed to be going somewhere. You even considered buying a matching nightwear set in advance only for them to post, “I think I need to take time to heal my inner child”. Okay, let’s heal it together. 

The “maybe I should date the dating app” meme

You don’t know how many “what’s your favourite colour and love language” questions you’ve answered this year. At a point, you started thinking, “If that one white woman can date a train, I can date the dating app”. 

The “I live for chaos” meme

If anyone had as many talking stages as you’ve had, they’d live long enough to become the villain. Not only are you still single, but you’re also picky. Any small thing, you’ve blocked the person or ghosted. We can’t even blame you, pele. 

The “I was minding my business” meme

You’ll be on your own, and some happy person will post something like, “Did somebody wish you good morning or give your forehead kisses, or should I mind my business?” They should’ve minded their business before posting it. At least, single people don’t have to share their food.

The “don’t try me“ meme

When you see someone tweet, “If you’ve slept with many people, your soul is now connected to them”. All those soul ties, and none of them would date you?

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