The funny Nigerian gateman is the most annoying stereotype in Nollywood movies, until you actually have one. These memes are for you if you’ve ever had a funny gateman. 

When you first hire them 

Somehow, they bamboozle their way into getting hired, and still, you’re thinking, “Finally, a chill person”. My dear, good luck. 

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Then you realise you’ve hired a clown

When they tell you twice that they, “Have like that your material at home”, you’ll realise you have a clown on your hands.

You every time he makes a joke

If rolling your eyes was a competitive sport, you’d take first, second and third place. The worst part is the jokes aren’t half as funny as they think. 

When he brings out the loud radio

Why have a pet when you can have a gateman with a radio that disturbs your neighbours just as much? And it’s always tuned to stations you never knew people listened to. You’d be wondering why this is a problem until you start reciting adverts word for word. 

Or pretends to be hip

They constantly reference Instagram skits, somehow doing a better job of making it funny. Or are so familiar with fashion trends, you start wondering if you’re using the same internet.

When he talks about his family members 

They either have an uncle who’s been shot 70 times and survived, or 100 children somewhere in the village. Anytime he tries to relate a situation to his family, just expect the most unhinged shit. 

They always have everybody’s gist

I mean, when you open the gate for people, you’re likely to find out everything they’ve been up to. The person on a diet who hides to buy junk food when no one is around and the person sneaking in after curfew, they see everything. 

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