Friends may choose to japa without telling you, but here are ways you can find out about their plans. All you have to do is pay attention and see if they’re showing any of these ten signs. 

Eating too much Nigerian food 

Only people that know they won’t get to taste food from home will suddenly switch from duck prosciutto and alfredo pasta to amala and ewa agoyin. Or from medium rare steak to roadside suya. 

Not eating enough Nigerian food 

Because they’ve been eating Nigerian food all their lives, they need to prepare for what outside food will taste like. They’re suddenly interested in eating mac and cheese.

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Buying suitcases 

No Nigerian wakes up one day and decides they want a new suitcase unless they want to travel. If your friend suddenly starts looking for new boxes to buy, japa plans are in order and they don’t plan on telling you. 

Selling all their property 

If your friend suddenly needs a buyer for a couch, television or mattress, they’re gathering money to buy these things in their new country.

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Getting durable hairstyles 

When your friend makes braids that can last up to three months or suddenly chooses the loc life, they’re going to a country they know haircare is expensive and they may not quickly see a proper hairdresser or barber. 

Speaking with a new accent 

If your friend suddenly starts speaking in a new accent, they’re practising for their real country and are starting now to adjust their tongue. 

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Converting to foreign currencies 

If you say something is ₦30k and three suddenly start converting that amount to dollars or euros, they’re about to leave. Why else would someone turn to a currency converter overnight? 

Sudden interest in the price of coats 

Why will a Nigerian need a coat? Which version of our weather makes it necessary for anybody to own a coat? Even in harmattan, we used to have heat If they buy a coat, they’re planning to leave to places where people need them all the time. 

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Making plans to hangout 

They’re trying to make sure the last memories you have of them in Nigeria are good ones

Not making plans to hangout

They want you to miss them, that’s why they’re not making efforts to meet up. 

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