Let’s begin with the tweet that started it all:

A lot of people are wondering how 7 hours can be possibly too small when it is actually too long. That’s their own cup of hot water. For you, my dear reader, who wants to last up to seven hours in bed, this one is for you:

1. First of all, ask yourself, did I come to this world to knack?

Contemplating Kermit - Caption | Meme Generator

2. Stand up from that bed, go to the window and think of people like Dangote, Otedola, Bill Gates. Would there be where they are today if they spent 7 hours+ on sex?

3. Look at your partner/ would-be recipient of the knack. Don’t you have the fear of God?

You want to kill somebody’s child?

4. Sex is good, but have you spent 7 hours plus talking to your creator?

The heavenly race your mates are running, can’t you join them too?

5. Look at your bank account dear, is it your type that should be spending 7 hours in bed?

Instead of you to multiply the right thing.

6. If you are a man, do you have enough baby juice (read: sperm) that will last for 7 hours of uninterrupted mekwe?

7. And last but not least, what happens after 7 hours of sex? Will you have achieved anything?

That’s the spiritual man speaking.


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