If you’re thinking, “Why would I even want to trigger my parents?” Congratulations, you’re the perfect Nigerian child.

On the other hand, you don’t even need to do anything specific to trigger them. If you’ve grown to this old age with typical Nigerian parents, you’ve probably already triggered the hell out of them at some point.

As a Nigerian, here are the most common ways to trigger your parents.

Just be yourself

Imagine being yourself when Daddy Divine’s third child graduated from Stanford and got married the same day. Strive to be better.

Try to correct your parents

Why would you tell your typical Nigerian mother that it’s WhatsApp, not Wazzup? Smells like disrespect.

Become smart

Oh, so you now know how to argue in Queens English? You’ve grown wings abi? Child of perdition! 

Say you don’t believe in marriage or children

This one may or may not sentence you to a lifetime of family meetings, guilt trips and extensive prayer sessions.

Allow them access to your social media

Anything your eyes see, take it like that.

Become a content creator

So you really want to use your life to dance in front of a camera?

Have a healthy attitude to rest

Because only lazy people wake up after 4 a.m.

Press phone

It doesn’t matter if you’re using it for work. Why does your own work have to be done on phone? Shebi you should have just studied medicine.

Eat well

You too, why do you want to finish all the food in the house?

Don’t eat well

Are you trying to fall sick and have them give their money to doctors? 

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