Are you sad that you’ll be alone this Valentine? Well, worry no more. Follow our steps and cause trouble for other people too.

If you will be single, then it should not be only you. Everybody must collect.

1. If you are a woman, call their babe and tell her to leave your man alone.

Or you can text her and switch your phone off afterwards. She will ask her man angrily and he will vex that she does not trust him enough. Next thing, they will do Malcolm and Marie for each other, only this time, it will end in tears.

You, 1 – Relationship People, 0.

2. If you know their family house, go there and gossip.

As soon as you see the parents, tell them that their son is out there distributing his sperm without any consideration for his future. They will be shocked that their son is a cheerful giver, and they will lock him inside on Valentine’s Day. Romantic plans don damage.

You, 2 – Relationship People, 0.

NB: Dress like a good person sha. That way, they will not release dog on you.

3. Are you into surprise packages? Mix up the love notes.

Give Kike’s note to Ginika, and Michael’s note to Habeeb. Shebi they want their love life to be exciting? Oya nau, let them excite themselves into breaking up.

You, 3 – Relationship People, 0.

4. Are you an online clothes vendor? Send the wrong size.

It’s kuku what you’re good at doing, so it should not be hard for you. When the recipient calls to say that there has been a mix-up, tell them that you’re only following their partner’s orders, and maybe it was their partners who mixed up the names of the person who should be getting the outfit.

You, 4 – Relationship People, 0.

5. You can even seduce one partner.

Hear me out. You’ll fix date and time to fornicate. And then you’ll invite their other half too, but you won’t let them know. The other half will enter while the first half is on top or under you. Whew chile, the hot mess that will happen.

You, 5 – Relationship People, 0.

6. Or maybe use juju.

Your mates are using juju to better their lives, but look at you, about to use juju to scatter people’s relationships. YAS QUEEN! Me I’m a professional evildoer so this is the one I highly recommend. DESTROY THAT RELATIONSHIP. TEAR IT LIKE AN OLD NEWSPAPER.

You, 6 – Relationship People, 0.

I must warn you though. Me that gave you this advice, I will not be trying any one out of it because I don’t have the liver. If you decide to go ahead and try it, toh, anything your eyes see, take it like that.



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