These days, people are stingy with the source of their soap. They don’t want you to be as rich as they are. But that is their cup of tea. We too, we will make our own soap and we will blow and pass them.

Here’s what you need:

1. Black soap.

That is the starting ingredient. You will add every other thing inside it and pound together.

2. Red oil.

This will do an opposite work. That is, when everyone is saying, “E don red oh, it will never be red for you. Forever blue. Or whatever colour you desire.”

3. Boiled eggs, the expensive ones they are now selling N70.

The spirits in charge of soap will feed on it. Please don’t go and buy the cheap ones oh. Otherwise, your black soap will just be feeding you coins.

4. Your blood.

Ehen? Why are you shouting? Don’t you want to make money?

5. Your armpit hair.

Yes nau. This life is give and take oh.

6. Hair from your private part.

It’s just small you need.

7. Someone’s destiny.

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Oh, you think it’s easy? My dear, to make money and blow is not a child’s play oh. You can surrender your own destiny if you cannot find someone’s destiny to use.

When you have gathered everything, please contact Hauwa to help you. Her prices are very decent.

By now, you should know that this kind of soap will not bring you success, because we don’t have a PhD in this kind of thing. But if you still want to go ahead and try it, toh, anything your eyes see, take it like that.



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