Nollywood is popping right now, but Yoruba movies have been giving us hot content for ages, and on a budget too. If you ever feel like you need to make one yourself, this guide is for you.

Have zero chill

You don’t need inspiration. You don’t need a plotline. In fact, you don’t really need to write a script. Just do a freestyle shoot, and you’ll end up with a two-hour film.

Create a main character with unexplained wealth

It’s a Yoruba movie, so throw out any concept of having money the typical way. That’s for the real world. Here, the lead must either do rituals or something criminal. 

…or mysterious poverty

There’s no room for in-betweens here. It’s either they’re rich or dirt poor. And if they’re poor, then their village people must be sitting on their destiny.

Dish out contracts

If money must be made legally, it must be from winning mysterious contracts they can never explain. 

Add bottom-barrel men

Your movie won’t sell without bottom-barrel men. You need to put on your misogyny hat and get to work because no matter what the men do, they should never be held accountable.

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Blame the women for the actions of these men

How can your story even be complete if everything doesn’t end up being the woman’s fault?

And don’t forget the chaotic subtitles

To be fair, it’s on brand that these movies have terrible subtitles. You can’t have a shitty plotline and be hitting the mark on subtitles. You need consistency.

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