1. This pastor’s interests:

Oshey new age pastor.

2. This unforgiving lender:

See this one.

3. This unsatisfied wife:

8 rounds? When it’s not tennis.

4. This film poster with North West:

From where to where?

5. This vengeful ghost:

Lmao. They didn’t even try with this ‘ghost’.

6. This very descriptive madam:


7. This effective metaphor:

Well, that’s an interesting way to phrase it.

8. This incredibly weird request:

We don’t even want to know.

9. This scene that defies explanation:

We have no words.

10. This honest confession:

He is just speaking his mind sha.

11. This insanely weird question:

Wait, WHAT?

12. The case of the missing pant:

Cynthia has a point.

13. See ehn, we are done.

Lmao. What is this, abeg?

14. This creepy threat:

Ah! Just like that?

15. This brand new word:

‘Sexically’ is our new favourite word.


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