In Nollywood romcoms, certain families hate when their child dates someone they think isn’t fit for them. They try to bribe the person to leave their child, but the person always says no. LOL, how stupid. 

The economy is tough, and you must be looking for how to make money. So let’s help you meet these families and make better decisions than those fictional characters. 

Make a rich person fall in love with you 

Not just a regular rich person o. Specifically, someone who’s from: 1) a royal family, 2) a political family, 3) a family with some sort of high status and is always in the media, or 4) a family with generational wealth.

Be part of the family’s domestic staff

Make sure you already work as the family gardener or cleaner. Once the parents realise it’s you their son is falling in love with, they’ll be afraid of public disgrace and try to get rid of you quietly. This is where the money comes in.

Act very poor

These types of families don’t like to associate with poverty except when it’s charity. Once they see you’re poor, they’ll want to get rid of you fast so their rich status won’t be ruined. And their answer will always be to pay their way out of it by giving you a huge sum of money to leave their child alone. 

Be a gold digger 

Wealthy people hate when people use them for their money. Make it obvious their child spends lavishly on you and you love it so much. Ask the child for ridiculous amounts of money in front of them. Once they think you’re only there for financial gain, they’ll hate you. Next things, they’ll try to send you away by bribing you with the same money you keep asking for, hoping that as a gold digger, you’ll gladly accept it. And they’ll be right. 

Be badly behaved 

Once you’re settled in the relationship, act like a child without home training. Be disrespectful; Don’t greet, answer questions rudely, dress inappropriately, etc. Don’t do it so much that the child would want to break up with you. Do it in a way that the family dislikes you, but because their child likes you, they’ll pretend to like you too. But try to pay you off in secret. 

Embarrass yourself on social media 

When it comes to these types of families, you can only post pictures and videos of yourself smiling (in “appropriate” clothes) on social media. Anything more than that and you became an embarrassment. So you don’t even have to do too much. Just post videos of yourself doing skits, and they’ll immediately think you’re not suitable for their child. 

Or just be normal 

Wealthy people always think their children should date people of the same or higher financial or social status. As the daughter of Chief Nkwobi, you can’t marry Rafieus the KPMG accountant. So if you’re a normal person from a middle-class family, they’ll say you’re not good enough for their child. And try to use money to make you go away. 

Embarrass them in public

Everybody fears public embarrassment but nobody fears it more than rich people who have a reputation to protect. Do one small embarrassing thing while you’re with them outside, and they’ll want you out of their life for good. 

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