With just a few weeks to the end of 2022, you should already know if you’re a baller or a mechanic. And if your case is the latter, you need these tips to help you get the most fun in the coming festive season. 


The first step is to commit your account to God in prayer. Will he multiply your account balance, send your helper to locate you or give you concert tickets in your dreams? You won’t know till you try. 

Get cheap tickets

Who says you have to be a big boy to party with them? It doesn’t matter if you won your ticket in a giveaway or got it because you’re the bird that didn’t sleep. What matters is that you’re outside, screaming your lungs out and dancing to your fave’s performance.

Sell your properties 

The only reason you’re not a baller is because you don’t make enough money, and you need to fix that. Don’t worry if you don’t have properties to sell. You can sell your body — it’s a whole goldmine. Do we need to remind you that you have a kidney and a spare?  

Use public transport

After selling your father’s land to afford Asake’s tickets, the day of the concert reaches, and you don’t have money to pay for Uber. You’ll like public transport, don’t worry. Pro-tip: You can use “o wa” as rehearsal for when your fave is performing.

Have rich friends

They say follow who know road. And if your current friends aren’t talking about gifting you free tickets, it’s a sign that they’re the first people you need to cut off. Do we know how you’ll meet the rich ones? No. But we trust you to figure it out. 

Eat from home

Nobody says you can’t be a foodie, but try to eat before leaving your house. We can’t have you passing out from hunger in the middle of your legwork because you refused to pay ₦5k for spaghetti with facebeat.

Attend Z! Fest 

Whether you’re a mechanic or a baller, you deserve to party. And we’re giving you good music, games, vibes — a festival. And it all costs way less than ₦70k.


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