Being the single friend sucks. If you’re not constantly feeling like the third wheel, you’re having to listen to your friend rant about their boo, knowing fully well they’ll never take any advice you give.

Valentine is coming, and if you’re the relationship friend, know that it’ll be the most third-wheel type of day ever for your single friend. But you can help make it better.

Get them a gift

Send them money, finally take their advice or buy them something they need; the gift options are endless. The point is to remind them of your love and make sure they don’t feel left out.

Now’s not the time to match-make them

I know you want the best for them, but talking stages are stressful as hell. So give them a break on Valentine’s Day. They can continue answering what their favourite colour is in March.

Break up with your partner

Hear me out. Nothing screams sacrifice like sacrificing your own relationship so your bestie doesn’t feel alone. At least, then you can spend the day together, discussing how the other gender is scum.

Or just abandon them for a day

You can also just ghost your partner to spend time with your friend on Valentine’s Day. You know how people say, “Every day should be Valentine with the right person”? Well, if they’re Mr/Miss Right, they wouldn’t mind picking any of the other days in the calendar to do Valentine things.

Get them to set their priorities straight

Not every time love matter. Are they keeping to their New Year resolutions? Or have they forgotten them? Those are more important than plastic flowers and Nigerian-made teddy bears, if you ask me. It doesn’t matter that you yourself are doing love things with your own partner. The focus is your friend.

Join them to make fun of other people’s gifts

There’s always more than enough cringe-worthy content on Valentine’s Day and who better to join in judging people than your bestie? They might judge your gifts too, but TBH, someone has to do it. With you being blind from love and all.

Allow them enter your relationship

Don’t you want your bestie to enjoy happiness too? Your partner might still cheat one day. But this way, you get to see and approve who they cheat with.

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