It doesn’t matter if you recently returned to the streets, you’re taking a break from relationships to focus on yourself or you’re not just meeting the right people. 

You can probably relate to this story if you’re a single friend

Your friend just celebrated their first anniversary with bae 

You remember all the times you’ve had to weigh in as relationship counsellor 

You send them messages to show your excitement

God when Pro-Max 

Now you’re asking your friends when they’ll get married 

Because you want to wear aso ebi and eat party jollof. 

But they counter it with, “when will you sef find a partner?” 

It’s giving Nigerian nosey aunty, TBH. 

Then they try to match you with someone 

There’s no harm in trying, right?

So they start sharing your number and social media handles 

It starts with their partner’s friend, then their coworker. Next thing, it’s someone who’d previously hit on them. 

As long as the person is good-looking, you don’t mind 

Ah yes, they’re very fine. But do they have sense? 

Soon after, you already know it won’t work

If they’re not saying “am cool” or trying to “have you eaten” you to death, they’re telling you how they want you people to be eating each other’s work.

You’re now worried about the kind of people your friend knows 

And why they even thought it was a good match.

You conclude your friends hate you

And you’ve decided to stop indulging in their amateur match-making. 

But they won’t stop sending you posts about single people 

Will you rest, in Jesus’ name?

Or doing yimu at your “God-when” comments 

Delete this immediately. 

It’s clear to them that you’re a clown 

You’re one with the streets. 

Still, whenever you post a cute picture of you with someone 

Anyone where you’re both smiling

They rush to the DM to ask if the Lord has finally done it 

Done wot?

They think you’re choosing to stay on the streets because ashawo is in your eye 

Which might be true

But they don’t know the dating pool is murky these days 

Everybody on the street is either wicked, planning to japa or married.

You’re actually ready for a relationship 

You just need to find someone worth it

But you don’t know how many talking stages you have left in you 

Your helper is the only person you want to tell more about yourself.

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