1. Apparently, Tunisia would be the olodo back bencher *hay God!*

2. There’s always that one kid with anger problems.

3. Then there’s the class bully you dare not mess with.

4. Serious flogging would be the order of the day.

5. That one kid always telling her clique she’s better than everyone else.

6. We would all really look forward to prom though.

7. And one principal would serve for like 100 decades.

8. We all know that one kid always tryna act like they should be in a private school.

9. And exchange students would just be annoyingly clueless.

10. The guys no one ever notice would now be like:

11. Nigeria and Ghana would be the ultimate frenemies.

12. Actually, Nigeria would piss off a lot of kids with his smoothness.

13. Nobody would even bother to form posh again bringing chips to school.

14. Friends turned enemies will now be like:

15. Nigeria would be the ultimate hustle-kid.

16. And Sister Zambia would be the prayer warrior in the class.


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