If you attended secondary school in Nigeria, you definitely came across people that made you feel like they had 7 heads, while you were sharing half a brain with three other people.

They could do everything – get straight As, do sports, play the trumpet and roll around with the cool kids. The tension was real.

Now if you’re in the Nigerian financial service industry, there’s definitely one name that brings back that secondary school tension PTSD – Quickteller.

Now I can go on and on about how Quickteller lets you buy airtime, make payments, make donations, pay bills, receive money or, I can give you a first look at their awesome new ad and see for yourself.

Okay, so because we love you and we don’t want you to miss a thing, here’s a quick review of the Quickteller ad in acts.

Act 1 – The Boss

Here’s what you need to know, Bovi is a big boss who has big boss bills to pay. You think he has time to queue in banks and withdraw money from the ATM like this?

Nope, he’s a sharp guy and like sharp guys, he uses Quickteller to pay his bills. If you think a helicopter coming to pick him at his house is far fetched, then repeat after me again: with Quickteller, everything is possible.

Act 2 – The shopaholic.

Just imagine it, being able to shop from the UK today and US tomorrow. In fact, if you’re feeling like it, you can shop from both places at the same time. Harrods in the morning, Ralph Lauren in the afternoon from your flat in Surulere with amala and ewedu chilling beside you.

Know how you can achieve that? Just guess.
If your answer is Quickteller, then you were definitely one of the people with 7 heads in secondary school.
With Quickteller, the world is a global village.

Act 3 – The do-gooder.

Here’s a great thing about the ease Quickteller brings, you can pay fees, multiple fees, without having to stress your life entering traffic to get to bank queues, and filling stressful forms. Who wouldn’t want that?

Now I don’t know if you missed this in the ad, but everybody that uses Quickteller somehow turns into an automatic big boy and baby girl.
Think that can’t be you? Repeat after me, yet again: with Quickteller, everything is possible.


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