Everyone does office romance. I do it; you do it; we all do it. But not all of us are doing it right and many times, it ends in premium tears. 

How can you engage in office romance and not end up in tears? Follow these rules. 

Don’t date someone in finance

You want to date someone that knows your salary? That’s never a good idea, please. Does your real partner even know your salary? Imagine fighting with your work partner and you hear, “Please get out. You that are still managing the ₦80k we’re giving you, you’re talking.”

Don’t date an intern

Just to avoid things like this, steer clear of interns. Especially if you don’t like insort. 

Never invite your actual partner to an office party

You can go and get drunk and mistakenly slap Bola from marketing’s ass in front of your wife of 13 years. What is the explanation there?

Date HR. You’ll never get fired.

This is your immunity against getting fired. You can do anything you want to anyone, and if they report you to HR, HR will just say sorry. In fact, let me text my own HR now.

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You know what? Date the intern

It’s not hard. They’re still interns. Small mess up and you can just report them to HR as not being culture fit. Next thing, termination letter. 

No pet names, please

You don’t want to be on a client call and say, “Oh let me just loop my hun bun in on this.” 

The CEO is not off limits

Even if they’re married, your aim should be to scatter it. They didn’t send you to work to make friends or to preserve someone else’s marriage. You’re there to get ahead in life. Do it by whatever means necessary.

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