We need to do something about these fires. Just a few days ago, the Accountant-General’s office caught fire. And now today, news broke out that the Media Centre of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) also in Abuja has been gutted by fire.

Thugs set INEC office in Imo on fire, destroy sensitive materials

According to reports

, INEC said the fire started at about 10:30am and was quickly put out by a combined team of firefighters from the Federal Fire Service and the FCT Fire Service, assisted by officials of the National Emergency Management Agency.

On the question of how much the fire affected them, they said, “Apart from office equipment and the personal effects of the Voter Registry Director which were lost to the fire incident, the operational capacity of the commission has not in any way been affected.”

Sha, the cause of the fire is still being investigated. We hope to hear about it when they find out.

But for real for real, is Khaleesi now in Nigeria? Because why these fires?

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