There’s been a lot of talk about the reputation of Yoruba men on these dating streets. Are they truly demons? Or are they angels with just bad PR? Well, the Zikoko FBI team went out and did some digging. In this post, we present our findings to you.

The Complete Guide To Being A Yoruba Demon | Zikoko!

1. This is the opening statement of every Yoruba man.

An attempt at salvaging what is left of their reputation.

2. It is always the men themselves who do their own PR.

Why? Are they afraid that women will tarnish their image? Stay with us, we are trying to get to something.

3. Finally, a man speaks.

And the shaky reputation begins to crumble…

4. Oh, are we shifting blames now?

A very smooth tactic, innit?

5. And finally, someone has come to shatter the whole table.

It’s a paper padlock, so we’re guessing she can’t resist the allure and charm of Yoruba men. Nawa.

6. This proves our previous point.

Yoruba men and their charms>>>

7. Yoruba men are masters of the word.

If you are planning to date any, this is a warning, no?

8. Wiun!

E don happen. Yoruba men = questionable loyalty.

9. Kinds of men to flee from?

All of the above.

10. Erm what?

The devil works hard, but it appears Yoruba men work harder. The whole thread na elele.

11. Erm…

Refer to our previous point about the sweet mouth and questionable loyalty of Yoruba men.

12. Looks like sweet mouth and the D is the selling point for Yoruba men.

Guard your heart and all other guard-ables, sis.

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13. Refer to the previous point.

If at this point you still let them fool you, then…

14. Look who just scattered everything for Yoruba men.

Just a few minutes ago, he was saying that Yoruba men were victims of bad PR. But now nko?

If you are planning to date a Yoruba man, we will not encourage or discourage you. We just hope that this post has told you all you need to know.

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