These days, couples go on dates according to the letters of the alphabet. Before you start screaming “God, when?” down our ears, we’ve taken the initiative to help you with ideas that will leave you enough cash for fuel in this economy.

A — Alone

No matter how many tips I give you, you’ll still remain alone. Now, to the 25 other date ideas.

B — Beer parlour date

Nothing brings a couple together more than downing bottles of big stout accompanied with fresh fish. 

C — Church date

Listening to the pastor preach about the merits of spreading the gospel while you’re holding the hands of the person whose legs you want to spread.

D — Danfo ride

A couple that argues with the conductor for change together, stays together.

E — Exercise date

Who needs a gym subscription when you can do sit-ups with your lover in your room.

F —  Filling station date

With the current fuel price, buying fuel is on the same level as jewelry shopping. If jewelry shopping is romantic, then tell me why going to the filling station together isn’t.

G — Garri eating

Whether it’s white, yellow or ijebu garri, evidence shows that eating garri together works. Just like the garri, you can be sure the relationship will slap.

H — House hunting date

You can marvel at the exorbitant prices then return to your parents’ houses where rent is free.

I —  In the rain

Nothing beats channeling your inner child under fluids from heaven with the person you share fluids with under the sheets.

J — Job hunting date

This especially slaps when you both go for the same job interview. When they ask about your weakness, you’ll reply, “Applicant Sola, she was the second person you interviewed.”

K — Kite flying

Another opportunity to channel your inner child together.

L — Lagos traffic

You talk about random things, get snacks too, you can even buy a puppy for each other in traffic, all without breaking the bank.

M — Mama Put

Eating out has never been better. Who needs fancy restaurant pictures when the cute image of your partner struggling to tear shaki is forever etched in your memory?

N — Newspaper stand

You get to form a formidable debate tag team with your lover as you argue with other strangers over what Tinubu’s first meal in 1998 was.

O — Owambe date

Free food, good music, and if you dance well, you might even get sprayed by those big uncles.

P — Political rally

You get to see your favourite politicians and might even get free merch. Shouting ELLU P with the LOYL is the stuff of dreams.

Q — Quarelling

This might raise some eyebrows but adding a little tension to your relationship is one of the best ways to bring you closer together.

R — Roadside date

Source: Daily focus

Sit on the road and gossip about passers-by like your 70-year-old conservative grandparents.

S — Shoplifting

Committing a crime together gives Bonnie and Clyde vibes. They’ll probably break your heads if you get caught, but the memories will be worth it.

T — TikTok videos

You may or may not end up looking like an idiot, but who cares? You’re in love.

U — University tour

If you like, you can join some lectures for the fun of it. Listening to an elderly man teaching dy/dx while looking into her eyes and cursing your ex >>>

V — Viewing centre date

If you support different teams and your partner’s team losses, it’ll spoil the mood for the night. It works best when you support the same team.

W — Window shopping

This is best enjoyed when you have less than ₦650 in both your accounts.

X – eXam Date

It doesn’t matter if you’re both at middle management level, both of you will register for JAMB. Whoever scores lower will wash plates for the next three months.

Y — Yahoo

It’s not so much about the act but how romantic it’ll look when the EFCC finally nabs you guys and make you take a joint mugshot. Goalsss.

Z — Zikoko Love Life

It’s the perfect way to document your love story. The best part? Even if they end up serving you breakfast, you can look back and remind yourself of what an idiot you were.

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