Everyone wears the same thing to the beach these days. Either they’re in different variations of shorts, skirts and robes. We want you to stand out and prove yourself as a true fashionista. So try out these six outfits. 

Two wrappers

You might be tempted to go for a little dip while at the beach. Instead of dealing with the stress of removing a lot of clothes, just untie one of your wrappers. It’s versatile because you can spread it as a beach towel. An innovative yet stylish Queen. 

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Evening gown

What if you see marine spirit and they invite you to dinner? You don’t want to be underdressed. 


Never to be caught off-guard because your enemies can want to try you anywhere.

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Lab coat

Marine biologist or marine spirit? Nobody will ever really know. All they’d know is that the outfit sparked something in them. 


People are already wearing boots in weather they shouldn’t. I mean, why else will some Lagosians be wearing boots in this heat? But that’s old news. We want you to do something new, that’s why wearing boots to the beach is a great idea. Wearing boots to the beach isn’t common but it’ll surely get the people going and you’ll be a trend setter. 

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Because capitalism has you in a chokehold, you may never get an off day to properly enjoy the beach. But if you work from home, this can be solved by simply wearing a suit to the beach. In case of an impormptu zoom meeting, you’re already dressed. 



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