Life in this our dear country can be tough, but there are some things that can make life a bit more bearable. Here are ten of them.

An Okada 

You need an okada as your primary source of transportation. Because the traffic in Lagos is so bad, I think it was created by village people. If you want an easy, non-traffic life, just buy a dispatch bike (because okadas have been banned). 

A good shawarma spot

There’s no problem that a good chicken shawarma with three sausages can’t fix. But there are about only six good shawarma spots in this country. If you find one of them, you’ll always be good.  


Well obviously. 


Five out of every six cashiers you encounter will tell you “no change” when you want to pay with cash. Even bus conductors will threathen to beat you if you don’t have change. To save yourself from frustration and headache, always have all the denominations of the naira with you. 

Emotional intelligence 

Because Nigerian parents and colleagues will get on your nerves. But emotional intelligence will prevent you from losing your mind and throwing hands.

Good Wi-FI 

I don’t know how you want to get this one sha. Me sef I’m still looking for it. 

Rice at home 

To prevent you from spending anyhow. If not, your salary will finish in less than two weeks. 

Hand fan  

Nigeria is so hot these days, we can’t think properly. A small hand fan in hand is worth more than two in the bush. I dunno what this means, but it gets the people going.

A good mechanic 

You’ll be at peace when you know you can take your car to the mechanic and it won’t return with ten new issues. 

A Paga card

A Paga card makes every Nigerian’s life easier because it’s not hard to get. You don’t need your great-grandmother’s birth certificate or any other complex documents to get the card. 

Plus, with a Paga card account, you can receive your salary; pay bills; send and receive money, and track spending right from your phone.

Visit the Paga website for more information. 



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