Were you a kid when “Christmas chicken” was an actual thing? If you were, how you spend your holidays has changed, and here’s how. 

No more chicken

Christmas chicken was a thing in the old times. And if it still looks like you’ll eat some this holiday, adulthood hasn’t held your neck yet.

No Christmas clothes for you anymore

They’ve stopped gifting you all those cute clothes during holiday time. All you get now is sleep. In fact, your old pyjamas have become your Christmas clothes.

Or you have to buy them yourself

If you’re still into Christmas clothes, that’s your personal business because, again, nobody will buy them for you. Carry your 20+ self and pay for them if you want them.

Yo’re celebrating alone

This is the surest way to know you’ve entered adulthood. Your holidays are now mostly spent alone, chilling and scrolling through couple’s posts in matching pyjama sets.

You’re the one giving out Christmas money

If you’re celebrating with family, congrats. You’ve become those aunties and uncles you used to bill for Christmas money as a child. You’ll smile as you’re handing out the notes to your nephews or nieces, but deep down, you’re calculating everything.

You don’t even enjoy holidays anymore

This is just another long public holiday that’ll still end. But you take solace in the fact that you’ll sleep through it.

You’re constantly worried about January 

You’ve been here many times, so you know the drill. December might be soft, but January is always brutal, and that’s what worries you.

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