First off, forget the title. Nigerian women don’t lie. But since Nigerian men, the real liars, argue online every other day that women are more guilty than they are, we’ve compiled seven reasons why a Nigerian woman MAY lie.

To test you

Nigerian women are the prize, so of course, they need to make sure you’re worth it. And what’s a better way to know a man’s true intentions than by lying to him?

To protect you

They don’t call it the “harsh” truth for nothing. The truth hurts like hell. And everyone knows a woman would go the extra mile to protect the ones she loves. 


People who are too lazy to eat. You expect them to be recounting accurate details of their life? You sef think about it.

To protect themselves

Nigerian men are wicked, but women wickeda dan them. First, you tell the truth. Then you wake up at 6 a.m. to cook. What’s next? Buying him expensive gifts? Eww.

For cruise sake 

And you all say women are not funny? Living in Nigeria is hard enough, so you can’t be serious, telling the truth all the time joor

Negative influence

Bad communication corrupts good manners. And most women have many male friends, so when you deep it, it’s their lies rubbing off on the women. 

So peace can reign

Imagine all the fights that’d happen if women actually told the truth. If she told you she would rather chew glass than endure another gruelling round of sex with you, or she’s only with you for your money, what would you do? 

Abeg, we can’t have another war in this country. 

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