We will go into this article with the assumption that you all know what “Whocup” means. Please don’t pretend, you cannot tell us that you don’t know that “Whocup” is another name for “Hook up.” Yes, that kind of hook up. Don’t squeeze your face until you hear why we think you should consider this line of business:

1. Your salary does not last till month end.

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If your salary does not last till the end of the month, it might be time for you to consider doing Whocup. Whocup pays more, and you don’t even have to work from 9-5, unless you are into that kind of thing.

2. Your bills are threatening to finish your life.

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Small salary that you are collecting, bills want to choke it to death. How is a young person to survive in these trying times? The answer? WHOCUP. Stand by the roadside or ask people to refer you. You are kuku sleeping with people for free, why not monetise it?

3. If you are the first child, please enter “Whocup” immediately.

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Only first children will understand this. We see your struggle, and we wish we could help, that’s why this article exists. Whocup is the way oh.

4. You can meet your destiny helper.

Whocup is a very diverse field. Who knows who you might encounter that will change your life for good? Do Whocup and succeed!

5. You learn different styles.

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“Skibidipapapa” style? Whocup will teach you. “Buhari is on top” style? E dey here. “Osinbajo BDSM speciale?” You will learn it here. By the time you decide to get married, you will have become an encyclopedia of sex styles.

6. You can even travel abroad.

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Abroad that people are struggling to enter, one night of intense Whocup and you are on a private jet entering Adelaide. Believe me, I have seen it happen.

7. Whocup keeps your body parts active.

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Why go to the gym everyday when you can get the exercise (and the orgasms) you need from Whocup? Whocup erases wrinkles, relieves stress and straightens your back. That’s more than enough reason to discover it.

8. Whocup allows you to discover your hidden talents.

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So you can have an entire arm shoved down your throat? Oh who would have thought? You can bend lower than Meganmikuro Thee Stallion? Thanks to Whocup! Is wearing rags your thing? The point is, if you don’t enter Whocup, you might probably go all your life without discovering your hidden talents. EXPLORE TODAY!

9. And if you refuse to do it for all these reasons, remember December is coming.

Wizkid is holding a concert, Burna Boy too. How will you pay for it and still detty your December? Whocup is the way oh, my brother, my sister. Let’s enter this thing now.

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Please note sha, in all Whocups you are Whocupping, remember that streets are tough. Follow our advice at your peril.



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