This isn’t exactly breaking news but, Nigeria is actively trying to stress you. If it’s not crowning a known terrorist, it’s playing tinko-tinko with the future of young Nigerians — does Nigeria even care about your mental health?

Well, we do and so, here’s how to practice self-care in a country that doesn’t care about you.

Daydream about leaving Nigeria

Not all of us will have japa money, but that doesn’t mean we can’t dream about it. 

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Eat to your heart’s content

Leave fit-fam out of this. This is self-care and like an unknown wise woman said, “A full stomach is a happy stomach.”

Don’t live in Lagos

How can you be thinking about self-care when you fight daily with bus drivers and fellow mad Lagosians?

Quit your job and sleep

Think about it — jobs are just another part of the scam that is adulting. Free yourself from capitalism and rest. You deserve it.

Have money

See, money fixes a lot of things. It’s better to be stressed in a Bugatti than in a danfo bus, no?

Invest in noise-cancelling headphones

This may just be one of the best investments of your adult life. Think of the possibilities — no singing primary school children, speakers from religious places of worship or even your talkative neighbour filtering into your head.

Give social media a break

Especially Twitter and LinkedIn. You really don’t need to get notifications of everything that’s wrong with Nigeria or get updates of the zillionth person landing their dream job.

Get your PVC

Because if you don’t play your part in making a better Nigeria, all the self-care in the world may not be able to save you.

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