If you’re working and getting paid but your salary never lasts longer than a week, there are many reasons why this could be happening. Let’s talk about them. 

1. You eat all your money.

Not literally of course (you’re not a goat), but you’ve taken “chop life make life no chop me” to another level. Lagos restaurants know your first, middle and surname because you are a regular at all of them. Keep it up oh. You’ll need the strength from that all that food to help you work for your next salary. 

2. You are an intentional partner.

Your hard work is channelled towards taking care of your partner, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Love cures all and is enough to feed you when you go broke from spending all your salary on gifts.

3. Your saved items on IG won’t stop appearing to you in your dream.

This is not entirely your fault. It’s an issue beyond your control. Your shopping carts always find a way into your dreams, forcing you to clear them when you wake up. Trust me, I get it. It happens to the best of us.

4. You are not earning enough.

This is your employer’s fault. Your salary isn’t enough and something needs to be done about that. The only solution here is to force your employer to switch their salary with yours. 

5. Skincare is expensive.

We need the government to do something about the burgeoning prices of skincare products. Your salary will be gone the second it enters your account if you purchase skincare products every month. 

6. Nigeria is way too expensive.

Breathing in and out in Nigeria is enough to finish your salary.

7. You aren’t a tech bro/sis. 

Tech people are the only ones earning enough money to survive in this country, and you aren’t one of them. Find a way to fix that soon if you want to stop being such a broke adult.

8. The walls of your house become scary when salary comes in.

Something always happens to your house that makes it uncomfortable to live in your house once your salary comes in. You’d rather be outside spending money than being inside saving. Well done.


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