Not everyone gets to be the rich Nigerian aunty, some of us have to be the broke aunty to bring the balance. If you are reading this, you are probably in doubt of what type of aunty you are. There’s a high chance you are a broke Nigerian aunt, and here are some signs to prove that we aren’t wrong. 

1.Your best gifts to your niblings are hugs and kisses.

You always shower your niblings with hugs and kisses, they love your hugs and look forward to them. What they don’t know is that those hugs are the best gifts they can receive from you; for now. 

2.Your PiggyVest account is begging you for money.

All you’ve saved so far is your life. If you can’t save for yourself, how then can you save for others?

3.You prefer jeans to kaftans.

Tell yourself the truth, have you seen a rich Aunty that prefers jeans to kaftan?. One of the signs of being rich is preferring comfortable clothes and you are clearly not there yet. 

4.You are ‘gainlessly’ employed.

You are employed, but not too much. Your salary can only last you a few days before you are back to point zero. 

5.Kids can’t play with your phone because you are still paying for it.

You don’t let anyone near your phone, talk less of kids. If the kids need to play with something, they can play with you.

6.Your family members always group you with the kids.

Your family members are always so quick to group you with the kids. You think it’s a harmless joke, but they do it because they know you are broke like the kids. 

7.Your younger cousins don’t call you.

Your younger cousins don’t call you to greet you or ask you for money, they already know the response they’ll get. It’s a win for you- advantages of being the broke aunty.

8.All your carts are uncleared.

Your ‘God when’ is so strong-  mostly for those uncleared carts.

9.Your parents air your calls.

Your parents put their phone on airplane mode when your call comes in. They know what your calls are for, and they don’t want to hear it. 

10.You have only one wig.

You have convinced yourself and others that you prefer your natural hair to wigs. Self-love is good and so is self-awareness. 


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