To create the perfect Nigerian man, you need a few of these things. It’s okay to mess the order up a bit and use substitutes if you can’t find certain ingredients. It’s just that the product might not be the perfect Nigerian man.

1) A tipper of audacity

One thing Nigerian men have in droves is audacity. They don’t care who you or your dad are; they will do whatever they want. This is the most important ingredient in making the perfect Nigerian man, that’s why you need at least a tipper of audacity. Some might have more, but a tipper is the minimum measuring quantity of how much audacity a Nigerian man has.

2) Six litres of lies

What is a Nigerian man without the ability to lie? Six litres of lies might not be enough, but let it be a guide.

3) Dash of unfaithfulness

A dash can be anything from three grains to a whole bucket. A dash is guided by the ancestors, so make sure you call upon the ancestors to guide you on how unfaithful you want this Nigerian man to be.

4) Bowl of inability to cook

Can Nigerian men cook? No. A bowl of inability to cook is what fuels the male Nigerian population. However, some of these men are able to make things like noodles and fried eggs, so the bowl size is dependent on you.

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5) Two cups of hunger

In addition to not knowing how to cook, the perfect Nigerian man is always hungry. This is why he’s always looking for who to cook for him.

6) Five spoons of alpha male

Nigerian men are tough and don’t show emotions. They also aren’t fans of moisturiser and think that telling your friends you love them means you’re gay   the basic characteristics of the typical alpha male. That’s why the perfect Nigerian man is made of at least five spoons of alpha male.

7) Sprinkle of inability to flirt

”Wanna come over”, “where do you base?”, and “I want to marry you”, are some of the ways Nigerian men flirt. Their compliments also include calling you different shades of wife material, and trying to sleep with people.

8) One cup of entitlement

The one cup of entitlement is to complement the tipper of audacity. There’s nothing that screams “Nigerian man” more than entitlement and audacity. That’s why it is another key ingredient.




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