Drinking is meant to be a fun activity without many rules. But there are some things that just shouldn’t happen.

If you see a man doing any of these things, please don’t date him, honey.

1. He doesn’t mix his spirits

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There is no reason anybody should take a bottle of vodka and start drinking it without any mixers in sight. Are you in Russia? Are you trying to prove a point? Any man that does this is obviously hard-hearted and should be avoided at every chance.

2. He calls beer “stout”

Any man who calls beer stout will not use the same mouth to call you sweetheart. Those people are hardened. Don’t date them.

3. He doesn’t drink Red wine

Men who don’t see the beauty in red wine will not see the beauty in you. It’s not every time somebody will be drinking something and squeezing face. Avoid them.

4. He drinks more than one can of alcoholic energy drinks at once

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If you see a man buying more than one can of alcoholic energy drinks, and he says he will drink more than one in that one sitting, just take your leave. If one can cannot satisfy him, your love cannot satisfy him.

5. He drinks bitters

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A man drinking bitters is one red flag, but if he does so without squeezing his face, just focus on yourself.

6. He thinks beer is trash

We probably don’t have to tell you this, but just throw the whole man away.

7. He throws up after drinking

Who will stand beside you and hold your hands when you’re in labour? A man that throws up after drinking? God forbid.

8. He thinks Radler is beer

A man like this can get drunk on Caprisonne. He is not strong enough.

9. He drinks with a straw

Does this even look okay to you?



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