Engineering is an interesting course to study, especially when you are a curious, intelligent and handsy person. Nonetheless, the course would stress you and give you occasional sleepless nights. Here’s a list of things that you will be able to relate to if you studied engineering at a Nigerian University.

1.Knowing the content of  K. A. Stroud Engineering Mathematics Textbook from top to bottom.

Engineering Mathematics: K. A. Stroud: 9781403942463: Books

Sorry that we hit this sensitive spot, but the ability of this textbook to help relive your past trauma is unmatched. It’s impossible to forget this textbook.

2.Wondering if Thermodynamics is a real course or an excuse to torture students.

For the 5 of you that find this funny, I tip my hat to you : memes

If the word torture could be replaced, it should be replaced with thermodynamics. If you studied engineering and enjoyed learning thermodynamics, we are worried about the kind of adult you turned out to be.

3.Learning Engineering Design with a T- square and TD board.

How to draw an Isometric object - YouTube

Not only was this a useless course for a lot of engineering students, if you studied in a Nigerian university, you probably had to draw with your hand. You’ll be dressed up looking really good, dragging a TD board with you. Ah God.

4.Asking yourself if you really need that degree when studying for an exam.

If you studied engineering, you probably asked yourself ‘’do I even like this course?’’ more than ten times in an academic year. Engineering students live in a constant state of I hate it here. 

5.Seeing formulas in your dream.

This is the deepest mud, not only will the course stress you in real life, but it would also follow you to your dreams. The x, the y, the shokolokogbamgbose.

6.Cramming coding languages and writing them with pen and paper.

Oh oh, it sounds like a lie till you’ve schooled in a Nigerian university. You thought seeing formulas in your dream was the deepest mud, this one takes the cake.

7.Learning with software from 1988 in 2021.

If Nigeria isn’t in 2021 yet, how will the universities be?. As if it’s not bad enough that the lecturers are teaching with outdated software, they’ll be teaching it with strong head too.

8.Getting a job and realizing you have to teach yourself everything the job requires.

You’ll spend 5 years getting that degree, and spend another 1 year or more teaching yourself all the things your boss expects you to know.



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