Valentine’s Day is around the corner and you’re probably getting a headache about what to do to surprise the love of your life. This article will save you from stressing over what to do.

Thank us later.

1.Introduce her to your wife

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What’s a better time to introduce the two loves of your life to one another than Valentine’s Day, when love is in the air? Set up a fancy dinner for three at a high-end restaurant and make sure you arrive at a later time than both of them so they can have time to meet and become acquaintances.

2. Invite him to your wedding

Tell him you have somewhere special for him to be on Valentine’s Day, and that he should dress fancy. Imagine thinking you’re going on a special date for Valentine’s and you end up at your partner’s wedding to another person. Now that’s a surprise.

3. Block their contact

Keep them on the edge all day. Block them on every platform possible so they can’t reach you. Suspense spices up romance.

4. Post a picture of your real partner

This works even better if your partner loves you so much, they have your post notifications on. They’ll see a notification with your caption saying sweet things and click on it so fast only to see another person’s picture. In the rare occasion that they get offended, you can always lie that you were hacked.

5. Relocate without telling them

FaceTime your partner on Valentine’s Day and when they ask why there’s snow in the background, say, “Ahnahn, didn’t you know I was processing Canada PR? You’re not invested in my life enough and I don’t like it.” Hang up and let them process what they’ve just heard.

6. Surprise them with something they own

This works best if they left something at your apartment, like their underwear, and they’ve been talking about wanting to get it back. Send it via dispatch to their workplace on Valentine’s Day. For extra kicks, wrap it and write a note saying, “I know you’ve been saying you want this for a while. Here you go.”

7. Send a saxophonist…but with a twist

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Instead of red, let the saxophonist wear all black, and instead of love songs let him play Darey’s “Not The Girl”. She will figure it all out mid-way through the song



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