Elsa Majimbo is a 19-year-old old comedian, celebrity and internet sensation who came to the limelight by making very funny and relatable content on her Instagram page. We’ll have typically begged her to cut soap for us, but where’s the fun in that when we can just blow like her. Here’s a list of very easy ways to become more popular than Elsa Majimbo.

1. Pray to the God of Elsa Majimbo

When you wake up in the morning, look up and say ‘’God of Elsa, I am here again oo’’. Simply calling him sky daddy isn’t enough anymore. God of Elsa works over time.

2. Start practicing your pride.

See ehn, pride is very important. Please don’t get us wrong oo, it is actually real pride, not childish pride.

3. Tweet for the girls and gays.

If the God of Elsa doesn’t work for you, the blessings of the girls and gays would be more than enough for you. Sorry to you if you are homophobic sha, you’ll never blow.

4. Look into the mirror and shout ‘’I will blow’’ three times before you start your day.

To be very honest, we are not very sure how doing this is going to help you. But if you are serious about blowing like Elsa, then we advise you to try it out.

5. Learn how to gamble.

Wait, hear us out first. Elsa already plays chess, and the activity closest to chess is gambling. If you are serious about blowing, you’ll want to play a game that would teach you how to be strategic.

6. Buy many sunglasses.

Have you ever seen Elsa without her sunglasses? the answer is NO. She wears them so she won’t see her haters. Buy your own sunglasses in anticipation of your haters.

7. Steal her soap.

This one might not be an easy feat, but you have to find a way to do it. If you cannot steal her soap, you have to find the manufacturer, if you cannot find the manufacturer, you’ll have to make the soap by yourself.

Lastly, we’ll have told you to contact Kunle Ologunro to teach you how to be funny like Elsa, but he also needs this article so he can blow.



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