People of all ages understand what it feels like to be constantly asked “when will you marry?” especially when they have crossed a certain age. 

We’ve put together a list of perfect responses to give when asked: “When will you marry?”

1. “When you stop asking me”

Let them know they are the ones tying your destiny and preventing you from getting married since they won’t stop asking you the question. The day they stop asking you the same question is the day you’ll get married. 

2. “God will do it for you”

Confuse them. Let them go to bed that night wondering what God is supposed to do for them. If they won’t mind their own business, you’ll mind it for them and take it to God on their behalf.

3. “I don’t want my life to be like yours”

To be fair, this isn’t actually an insult, it’s an honest reply. You simply don’t want your life to be like theirs. It’s a nicer way of telling them to go and work on themselves. 

4. “Any money wey I get now, na for enjoyment, no worry about my future”

Definitely not the answer they expected, but it’s the answer they deserve. Let everybody face their front and focus on the thing that’s bothering them the most.


5. “Are you jealous of me?”

It’s only jealousy that can make anyone invested in your singleness. They can only imagine that life and they want to have it too, but can’t tell you. 

6. “Let’s trade places”

Tell them to give up their marriage for you since they care so much about your singleness. You’ll be shocked sha because some people are going to willingly trade places with you. 

7. “Crazy things are happenings”

Them asking you “when will you marry?” is crazy thing number 1, your singleness is crazy thing number 2. No one knows which of these things is crazier than the other but crazy things are happening nonetheless.



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